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about torro grill

-Let's get the whole group together at this great place
-Want to chat over a glass of wine?
-I couldn't turn down a nice, juicy steak
-Let's finally go out for that meat we've been talking about

No matter what your expectations, at Torro Grill the largest grill and friendliest atmosphere in Moscow await. Delicious appetizers, seductively sizzing sausages, succulent chickens, tender shrimp, juicy steaks...

Eight reasons to visit good quality and affordable steak house «Torro Grill»:

1. Our meat restaurant offers large portions, specifically tasty grilled meat.

2. We cook steaks quickly. We have the largest grill in Moscow and can accommodate any big orders.No time to envy others around who’s been served as your steak almost comes instantly.

3. We use only fresh meat and the right parts of beef. We focus on quality.Our restaurant also offers variety of other dishes cooked on the grill.

4. Finest service. In Torro Grill you are always the center of attention of all the personnel. Neither of your wishes will remain unattended. We don’t know what dirty plates or cooled-down dish are. We even have no idea what those are.

5. Relaxed and laid-back atmosphere + draught beer. Experience not only the taste of steaks we make, but do that in the pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Torro Grill has rustic character and vintage style in equal measure, thus, being perfectly suitable both for big groups of people and business meetings.

6. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. We know that for many of our clients this is not of high importance when we are talking about high quality freshly cooked meat. However, we believe that our steak house can offer dishes at affordable prices, as well fresh beer and other alcohol drinks.

7. We’re always near. It’s now been 8,5 years since we’ve opened our first in the network steak-house in Moscow. Thousands of guests appreciated the quality of our cuisine and attitude over these years. As a next logical step we continued to develop and opened new steak-houses in Moscow ever since, making the question of “where to eat meat in Moscow” not relevant. Our restaurants are open near metro stations “Universitet”, “Proletarskaya”, “Belorusskaya”, “Voikovskaya” and “Paveletskaya”. Table booking is available.

8. Best restaurant for big companies! Looking for a place in Moscow to treat yourself and your friends to a juicy huge steak – no place is as perfect as Torro Grill. For those interested in cooking technique we have our grill right in the middle of the cosy restaurant premises. We indeed are the best in Moscow in everything that relates to steaks. Our atmosphere and grill-pub nature, our attitude and striving for comfort of all our guests will touch your heart. Perfect service, best grill and drinks menus, unique atmosphere – all are right here in any of our restaurants! Welcome to “Torro Grill” steak-house!