The flagman restaurant of Torro Grill chain was opened in August 2009, several steps from Belorusskaya metro station. It is very atmospheric - with a large bar counter, spacious tables for the companies and a huge grill, where famous Torro Grill steaks and burgers are cooked. Belorusskaya Steak house has instantly became the center of attraction, where people like to gather with friends and colleagues, celebrate special days or birthday with a family.
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Антон Лялин

Anton Lyalin

Owner of the Torro Grill
Once you’ve tasted Torro Grill’s specials, you surely would come back for more. Especially, if it was a machete steak!

Torro Grill steak house team is always loyal to classic recipes, but we also keep in mind that moving forward and exploring new culinary horizons is equally important. Anton Lyalin and Kirill Martynenko, Torro Grill’s managing partners, are convinced that ideas and impressions should always be as fresh as our steaks.

We treat people to steaks and burgers for over 10 years. Trust me, we surely know how to do our job!
Кирилл Мартыненко

kirill martynenko

Brand chef

That is the reason why we constantly update our menu and wine list, offering only finest quality food and wine. We also enjoy big things – big portions, big companies, big bottles – all of it, except big prices. We invented and wrote a fascinating Torro Grill story, and would be happy if you become part of it.